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Brian Rueb has been photographing for the better part of 20 years. Combining a degree in photography and a degree in art he has worked the two together to create powerful and dynamic landscape images. His love and passion for photography is evident in each and every image he shoots. In addition to his passion for art Brian also has a passion for education and has spent almost 15 years teaching art and photography in the public high school system. During that time he has developed an art and photography program that has seen numerous students win awards and go on to major in the profession. His goal is not only to be great himself, but to instill that knowledge and passion into his students.

In addition to being an internationally recognized photographer, Brian also writes for several websites sharing his interesting often comical adventures into the wilderness in search of new images. He is in the process of conducting research on a book that will chronicle an upcoming two month adventure around the country of Iceland titled Me, Myself, and Iceland (available on all digital services!). 

Brian Rueb's work has appeared in numerous magazines including Shutterbug and Photographers Forum. His work has won numerous awards and merit at the Local, State, National, and International levels.

Brian currently resides in Northern California with is wife, two boys, and two dogs.  If you would like to hire Brian to shoot an event, or project  please email  brian.rueb.photo@gmail.com